Top 5 Security Franchises To Start In 2022

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Top Security Franchises For Those Looking to Become Their Own Boss

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A security franchise can be a great option for individuals who are looking to become their own boss. Starting a business from scratch can be difficult, especially in a competitive market. The franchise model provides business owners with the opportunity to create a profitable business without the hassle of starting from scratch.

Franchisees enjoy the advantages of a well-established brand.

1. Signal 88 Security

If you are looking for a career change and want to become your own boss, consider becoming a Signal 88 Security franchise owner. The Signal 88 Security franchise can provide you with the resources and training you need to be successful. The franchise offers classroom training, online officer training courses, and sales training. It’s a great option for those with a background in law enforcement or who want to make a change from their corporate job.

Before starting your business, you will need to identify a market area. The Signal 88 Security franchise group will provide you with a detailed market study, as well as marketing, sales, and implementation guidance. In addition, the Signal 88 Security franchise group hosts a Discovery Day, which allows prospective franchisees to experience what it’s like to be an owner.

2. Surveillance Secure

Starting a Surveillance Secure Security Franchise is the ideal business opportunity for those with a passion for business development and management and an eagerness to succeed. Franchisees are provided with enterprise-level systems, training, marketing tools, and customer support from the franchisor. This will free up their time to focus on growing their business and developing relationships with new clients. Franchisees also have access to the most highly-trained security crew available, making them better equipped to handle the demands of today’s security business environment.

Surveillance Secure is a security integrator that consults, designs, and installs enterprise-grade security technology. It was established in 2006 and has served commercial clients in six states to date. The company recently awarded a franchise to military veteran Jason Bimber, who is now based in Colorado. His franchise is scheduled to open in May in central Arizona and serve Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, and Glendale.

3. Computer Troubleshooters

Computer Troubleshooters is one of the world’s largest computer service franchises, with over 400 locations from Australia to the United Kingdom. The company provides a range of computer services, from hardware repair and network configuration to computer and network security consulting. The franchise concept has been around for nearly two decades, and it continues to evolve in tandem with the technology and business needs of its customers.

Computer Troubleshooters franchisees receive an extensive training package. It includes an initial two-day on-site training, an introduction to the franchise intranet, and support tools. Once trained, franchisees are typically ready to open their own offices within two to four weeks.

4. Silbar Security

If you’re looking for a lucrative business opportunity that provides law-enforcement grade security services, consider a Silbar Security franchise. This professional security brand has national coverage and a strong reputation for providing exemplary service. This franchise also has a comprehensive marketing program and a highly motivated executive team that will help you succeed.

Silbar Security offers a full range of services, including security consulting, system design, and security training. The company employs experienced security professionals and provides a wealth of knowledge for business owners. They also offer security training for employees and provide security services for a variety of locations. Franchisees can begin by comparing their security services to other companies in the same field.

5. Pop-A-Lock

A Pop-A-Lock Security Franchise is a great opportunity for those looking to build a successful business. The franchise offers low start-up costs, proprietary equipment, and training, and requires no locksmithing experience. Franchise owners can choose to work as a solo operator or partner in a large market.

The franchise is gaining in popularity because it is one of the fastest growing home-based franchises and is one of the fastest-growing franchises today. It offers a lot of flexibility, and it focuses on safety and risk reduction. While the franchise doesn’t offer complete independence, it does have a proven operating system and specific franchise guidelines that franchisees must follow.

Pop-A-Lock started in 1995 by two former law enforcement officers. Since then, it has expanded into an international network of franchises, serving more than 8,500 communities in North America. Although it started as a car locksmith company, Pop-A-Lock has expanded to offer general security services. These services are needed for protection, and many are mandated by local government regulations. Marks joined the company as a business consultant, and his decision to join the franchise led to rapid growth.

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