Sell Your Gift Cards Back Online

Sell Your Gift Cards Back Online

The 5 Best Sites to Sell Gift Cards Online

The 5 Best Sites to Sell Gift Cards Online

If you’re looking to sell your gift cards, you can do so through many different sites. Reddit, Facebook Marketplace, QuickcashMI, and CardCash are just a few of them. However, these sites aren’t all equally good, so it’s important to check them all out carefully.

1. Reddit

If you have a gift card that has expired or you no longer need, you can sell it on Reddit. This community has become one of the best online marketplaces to sell gift cards. You can sell a gift card for as much as 80% of its value and receive your cash in just a matter of minutes! But before you decide to sell your gift card on Reddit, make sure you read the rules and abide by them.

The first thing to keep in mind is the fact that it’s a competitive market and that you need to price your cards competitively. Reddit has many subreddits where you can list your gift card. You can also barter for gift cards or other goods like video games or graphic design. In addition to these sites, you can also list your cards on Craigslist and sell them locally. Before you meet with a buyer, make sure you check the balance on your card. You can do this with your smartphone or a public Wi-Fi hotspot.

2. Facebook Marketplace

If you have unwanted gift cards, Facebook Marketplace is one of the best sites to list them for sale. You can list your cards in just a few minutes. Once you’ve uploaded them to Facebook, you can let anyone who wants them know about them and let them know how to contact you. You can set a price for your cards and get paid as soon as someone buys one.

You can also communicate with your buyers on Messenger, where you can send messages and negotiate prices. Once you’ve settled on a price, Facebook Marketplace lets you accept payments through its partner BigCommerce, an online payment processor. The downside to selling on Facebook is that the platform doesn’t have any built-in protection for sellers or buyers.

3. QuickcashMI

If you have unused gift cards lying around, you can sell them online for cash. There are several ways to sell your gift cards, and one of them is by using QuickcashMI. With this site, you can get cash for your unwanted gift cards in a matter of days. In addition, the site also offers a cashback guarantee and an array of payment options, which makes it easy for you to sell your gift cards online.

QuickcashMI is one of the best sites to sell gift cards online. This website offers cash for unwanted cards from different merchants. You can sell gift cards from Walmart, Starbucks, and many more stores. All you need to do is create an account and start selling your unwanted gift cards. You can also list them on the site for market value. The latter option may take a bit longer, but you will get more money.

4. CardCash

If you’re interested in reselling gift cards online, CardCash is a site that will pay you a fee when your gift cards sell. This fee is 15% of the total amount you sell, and it will be paid to you via PayPal, ACH deposit, or a physical check. If you’re selling a physical card, you can also receive your cash by mailing a $30 check to the buyer. This site is also good for selling your gift cards if you want to keep your control over your listings.

CardCash accepts both new and used gift cards, so it’s a great choice for those with unwanted gift cards. These sites also allow you to set your own price, but there are fees involved. They also accept gift cards from hundreds of merchants, including Starbucks and Walmart.

5. Wayfair

Wayfair gift cards are a great way to get your loved ones the best gift that’s perfect for the home. The site offers a large selection of home goods that will delight any recipient. From kitchens and baths to furniture and home decor, Wayfair can provide the perfect gift.

Depending on the card, you can choose between getting a check in the mail or an electronic payment. The latter is convenient, but the process can take more time. While payment apps are quick, checks take longer to arrive. However, a check is just as good as hard cash.

Another great way to sell gift cards online is through Raise. This e-commerce platform offers thousands of retailers’ gift cards. Using this site, you can get up to 95% of the original value. The site also offers referral bonuses and bonus points for future purchases.

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