Warren Buffett Predicts the Future


What’s a “Ubook™?” It’s a short ebook—but it has a few other features. The “U”is to remind people that it’s associated with Understandably.com.But the “U” also stands for “updated.” Because these books are never really finished. Instead, they’re continually revised.This Ubook™ runs almost exactly 12,000 words, which probably worksout to roughly 50 minutes of reading time.You’ll also notice that it’s formatted to make it easy to read on a smartphoneor tablet, hopefully without downloading any other apps.You’re free to share this with anyone you like, as long as: (a) you share it for free, (b) you send the entire thing, unedited, and (c) you don’t do anything like remove the author’s name, the cover, the branding, etc., or pretend that you wrote it instead of me.