Best Smart Board Options for Business in 2022

Best Smart Board

Best Smart Board Options for Business in 2022

Best Smart Board Options for Business in 2022

The Best Smart Board Options for Business in 2022 will likely be more advanced than what we have today. They will provide immersive experiences for meetings and classes and will evolve with the world and Generation Alpha. Some of these devices are already compatible with each other and others will require an external camera to make video calls.

ViewSonic ViewBoard

Whether you need a board for virtual learning or in-person instruction, the ViewSonic ViewBoard family has a range of options to suit your needs. There are several models in the ViewBoard family, including the IFP50 and IFP52. These boards have a range of features to suit different business needs, including enterprise-grade security and SmartPort USB function. They also include a sound system with 10W stereo speakers and a 15W subwoofer.

With the ViewSonic ViewBoard Smart Board, businesses can get the convenience of a digital whiteboard that’s cloud-based and infinitely scrollable. They are also available with a touch-screen interface and are suitable for classrooms and private meeting rooms.

The smart boards are capable of multi-user collaboration, including group presentations. Users can write and draw on the 65-inch screen simultaneously. The company’s ViewBoard Smart Board series offers different connectivity options and an optional slot-in PC.

Dahua DeepHub

The Dahua DeepHub smart board is a great way to maximize team productivity in the office. The whiteboard is compatible with most Windows applications and comes in 65-inch and 75-inch models. Its zero-air-gap technology reduces internal reflection and delivers crystal-clear text. The DeepHub also features voice tracking, gesture control, handwriting recognition, and an 8-core SoC. It can also manage files, which is an important feature in today’s workplace.

The Dahua DeepHub has an impressive AI system that is capable of recognizing shapes and handwriting and can even identify the speaker. In addition, it can recognize the present speaker and edit materials on-screen in real-time. In addition, it can connect to other devices in the room and provide power for them.

As an IoT platform, Dahua DeepHub has several benefits for business. It is ideal for remote teaching, and the ability to share screens and appear in video chats allows teachers to interact with students without having to be physically present. It also enables teachers to record a lesson, which is great for students who missed class and want to review what was learned.

Sharp 70″ ten-point multi-touch display screen

The new Sharp PN-CE701H AQUOS BOARD interactive display is a versatile and affordable solution for large-format interactive displays. Its plug-and-play design makes setup easy. It includes an intuitive launcher for an interactive whiteboard. It is ideal for creative presentations. It supports multi-touch and UV2A photo alignment technology.

The Sharp Aquos Board features an HD display with a 4K UHD resolution and a contrast ratio of 4000:1. The screen is extremely bright with a brightness of 300cd/m2. It also features an 8.5ms response time and a wide viewing angle of 176°. It comes with dual-mode remote control and dual-link HDMI ports.

Sharp 71″ ten-point multi-touch display screen

If you’re looking for the best smart board options for your business, the PN-L501C AQUOS BOARD Interactive Display System is the answer. Available in three sizes, it’s an affordable route to 4K Ultra HD resolution. It’s also designed to make presenting creative ideas fast and easy. With a new launcher, the PN-L501C is simple to use and enables users to make creative presentations.

In addition to allowing a remote audience to view and edit content on the screen, the PN-L501C can support wireless content sharing between up to 50 devices. This enables users to easily exchange documents and media files. This interactive board can be controlled remotely through Crestron Connected software. It also supports Original Sharp software, which allows users to manipulate files without opening applications. Files are displayed on the screen as “sheets” that can be saved in virtual drawers. This innovative feature adds convenience to business meetings and in-store installations.

The PN-L501C interactive display is a 10-point multi-touch screen that features high-sensitivity capacitive touch technology. It offers smooth and accurate writing on the screen, with support for handwriting and scanned documents. The Sharp PN-L501C is also available in a face-up or landscape-oriented configuration, making it an excellent choice for small meeting rooms.

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