Best Mystery Shopper Companies to Work For In 2022

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What Is A Mystery Shopper?

Mystery shopper is a job or an organization that pays you to pose like an everyday buyer. You’ll present invaluable suggestions to the companies — from how clean the shop was to how the workers interacted with you.

Typically, you’ll be requested to purchase one thing after which you’ll be reimbursed as much as a set quantity. You’ll know that quantity before you purchase.

Many visits to retail shops, meals markets or telephone retailers.

Sometimes, you’ll write up a report in your expertise from the shopper’s perspective and submit it to the consumer by a deadline. From there, you’ll receives a commission.

Best Mystery Shopper Companies to Work For



If you’re looking for a mystery shopping job, there are many options available. You can find a position with Market Force, Elite CXS, or AboutFace. All of them will pay you well, and many have great training and support. But which one is best for you? Read on to learn more.

1. Market Force

Market Force is a top mystery shopper company, with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and over 300,000 independent contractors worldwide. The company hires people to perform mystery shopping, focusing on retail, restaurants, and entertainment. They also reimburse shoppers for purchases they make during mystery shops. Market Force pays their mystery shoppers through a direct deposit or by business check on the 15th of every month.

Market Force has an app called Eyes On, which lets shoppers schedule mystery shops from their smartphones and complete feedback and photos while on the go. The company also has a long list of assignments for in-person mystery shops, including chain restaurants. As a mystery shopper, you can expect to make anywhere from $12 to $25 per assignment.

Market Force also pays secret shoppers for their time and expenses. They offer cash and perks for shopping and eating. The app also helps shoppers find shopping jobs in their area and schedule tasks. The app is available on Google Play and iTunes. The company has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and is a member of the MSPA.

2. Secret Shopper

If you’re a teenager looking for mystery shopping opportunities, there are a few different companies that are worth looking into. One company that hires a large number of shoppers is About Face. This company has assignments available nationwide, and it pays its shoppers according to the level of work they do. You can expect to make between $12 and $17 an hour, depending on the type of assignment.

This mystery shopping company works with various companies in many different industries. Typically, you can expect to be paid every other Friday. The only qualification is a high school diploma or higher. Once you complete your shop, you’ll receive your payment. You’ll usually get paid once a month, and most jobs require a minimum of two hours of work.

To choose a company, take your time and do your research. You should check the Better Business Bureau to see if the company has a positive reputation. It’s also a good idea to sign up for more than one mystery shopping company. Most mystery shopping companies will only work with a certain number of people per month, so it’s a good idea to sign up with a few before you decide which one you’d like to work for.

3. Elite CXS

Elite CXS is a veteran owned mystery shopping company that has various opportunities for mystery shoppers. They hire people with varied skill sets to complete various types of assignments. Some mystery shopping assignments require a person to be a detail-oriented shopper, while others require the person to spend more than an hour at a particular store. They pay their employees between $15 to $25 per hour.

Elite CXS is an independently owned company with many prestigious clients such as Porsche, Starbucks, GMC, and KB Home. Its website has a straightforward process and you can easily browse through available assignments. Moreover, the company offers a mobile app for shoppers, which makes it convenient to submit reports on the go.

The secret shopper app works with both iOS and Android devices, and it requires the user to complete one assignment before he or she can be eligible to sign up for other assignments. This way, you can easily manage your time and get more assignments. But you must make sure to sign up for shopping assignments you can actually do. Otherwise, you risk losing your job and earning nothing. So choose wisely and be sure to find the right mystery shopping company to work for.

4. AboutFace

If you’re looking for a mystery shopping company with a strong reputation, AboutFace might be the company for you. This company has been in business for over 20 years and has a reputation for providing consumer insights and engaging strategies to global brands. The company is transparent about payment and support, and contractors praise the ease of scheduling and generous payments.

The company also pays well, with the best jobs paying as much as $15 per hour. The company will pay you through PayPal once you’re finished with the assignment. There’s a simple application process, and you can get started in as little as ten minutes.

AboutFace offers a variety of mystery shopping opportunities, including grocery stores, restaurants, and more. Many of their clients include Texas Roadhouse, Cinnabon, and gyms. You’ll also find work at banks and bookstores. The company also offers public transportation mystery shopping opportunities.

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